Packer making

Our company main profile is

packer making (vertical system) for food industry companies

Top trustworthiness

For the higher profit it is inevitable  that the machines are at service any time. Futhermore, for our company the following attributes are also important: operation safety, packing speed and flexibility.

In order to achive our goals, our engineers carefully design our machines and they take account of every detail.

Proffesional services

For us our costumers satisfaction is unquestionable.

We guarantee the precise on-the spot run, the training of the operators. We also do warranty reparation and reparations which are over the warranty time. And of course we supply the uniquely manufactured parts.

Solid Firm 2015

The Nyír-Dovas Bt. has earned the
Solid Firm Issuance in 2015.

This licence is for those companies who does not have any negative judgement from costumers. The license is  verified by the “Vélemény Faktor” program.